Supercomputer – 40-Node Raspberry Pi Cluster

Here are the specifications of the final system:

40 cores Broadcom BCM2835 @700 MHz
20 GB total distributed RAM
5 TB disk storage – upgradeable to 12 TB
~440 GB flash storage
Internal 10/100 network connects individual nodes
Internal wireless N network can be configured as an access point or bridge.
External ports: four 10/100 LAN and one gigabit LAN (internal network), 1 router uplink
Case has a mostly toolless design, facilitating easy hot-swapping of parts
Outer dimenions: 9.9″ x 15.5″ x 21.8″.
Approximate system cost of $3,000. (The first one cost slightly more.)
Oricine își poate construi un super computer !!

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