• INA219 Bi-directional DC Current Power Supply Sensor

INA219 Bi-directional DC Current Power Supply Sensor SOT23 Breakout Module DIY 3V-5V IIC I2C Power Monitoring Sensor Module

CJMCU-219 is a module with the I2C interface of zero drift and bi-directional current/power monitoring and control integrated circuit (IC), further expand the TI energy-saving electronic products.INA219 has the industry's highest precision and the small size, not only can monitor the pressure drop on the shunt resistor, sensing shunt power supply voltage, at the same time also can calculate the power.The device adopts the SOT23 packaging, but for the server, notebook computer, power supply, battery management and digital electric vehicle and telecommunication equipment measuring flu provide small, low cost solution.

INA219-40 c to + 85 c temperature range and can realize the maximum error of 1% accuracy, maximum offset of 100 uV.The advantage of the high precision of the product in combination with 12 resolution, can help clients as much as possible, reduce the pressure drop on the shunt resistor, which can minimize the power loss and power consumption, and saving board space.The device epic of 26 bus voltage range of 0 V to +26 V.

INA219 other important features include:

Calibration programmable registers can directly read its unit of measure is the ampere current, and power in watts per read. For as many as 128 sampling averaging, in order to realize filter in noise environment. The I2C interface has a timeout, not only can avoid the bus lock, but also can provide high-speed mode, meet the communication requirements of up to 3.4 MHz. All features are support software programmable INA219. Using single power supply, the working voltage between + 3.0 to + 5.5 V.

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INA219 Bi-directional DC Current Power Supply Sensor

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